The trend in wooden watches for men

Wooden wristwatches for men are a huge success in the world of accessories because of the sophistication and eco-sustainability of the material (100% wood), their lightness and versatility (perfect for wearing on any occasion). Wooden wristwatches are designed to follow a green and ecological fashion, suitable for all those who care about nature.

Indeed, watch manufacturers produce items made from 100% ecological materials: for every watch sold, a new tree is planted, a gesture much appreciated by those who live in respect of the environment.

How to wear wooden watches ?

The wooden watch for men can be easily combined with different clothes, and it is a type of accessory that can give the right charm to the person. This material has become very popular in the market and many manufacturers have decided to make this accessory in many varieties. They have an extremely attractive design and can be combined quite versatilely with a type of clothing. They are made either with a strap or in metal. In short, they are perfect for a casual outfit, but also for a more elegant type. For example, a wooden watch can be paired with jeans and a classic style shirt or just a nice polo shirt.

When it comes to summer clothing, the watch goes very well with a perfect Bermuda shirt with a short-sleeved shirt, or even a coloured shirt. Here are the ideas for the best way to combine a type of clothing with a flawless wooden wristwatch. We are talking about a watch that fits everything, and can be combined with quite simple clothes.

The features and functionality of this wristwatch model are impeccable in their kind and best meet the respective needs of each consumer, both in terms of comfort and style, as it can be combined in the way one likes to dress. A real novelty of wooden wristwatch, unique, simple and very versatile.

Buy this type of watch because it has real advantages, and it also has an important feature, which is that it is durable and resistant to all kinds of abrasions.

How to clean your men’s wooden watch ?

Make sure you keep your wooden watch clean. Any small cracks in the watch tend to collect dust and debris that can damage the watch over time (if not cleaned properly and regularly).

To clean the wooden case (and in many cases the strap), you can use a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice as a cleaning solution to apply to the watch, using a soft cotton cloth or an ordinary cotton swab.

If there is a particular engraving on the back of the watch, it is advisable to clean this area as well, as dirt may have settled there. After applying this mixture to all the wooden parts, you can wait a few minutes and remove the excess residue with a clean, dry cotton cloth.

If your wooden watch has a leather strap, use a clean, damp cloth for the leather strap and rub it gently. You can apply a small amount of neutral liquid soap to restore the colour and suppleness of the leather. Be sure to let it dry completely before putting the watch back on your wrist.

Care of wooden watches

1. Avoid direct contact with water or sunlight

Direct exposure to water can change the appearance of your wooden watch. In order to preserve the beauty of your wooden accessory, you should avoid wearing it at the beach, swimming pool or anywhere where there may be direct contact with water. If you submerge it completely in water, we recommend that you dry it immediately with a soft cotton cloth.

2. Avoid extreme temperatures and sunlight

This advice applies to both wooden and non-wooden models. Be sure to keep it away from extremely hot or cold temperatures: watches operate with great accuracy in a temperature range of 5° to 35°C. Prolonged exposure to very high temperatures and especially to direct sunlight can cause the wood of the watch to crack, become brittle, and even dry out.

3. Storage

Be sure to store it individually in its own bag, rather than in an ordinary jewellery box, in a dry (no humidity), dark and temperature controlled place. If you store your wooden wristwatch without any protective layer in a drawer, jewellery box or even in a suitcase (when travelling), the likelihood of scratching the case and band is high. The watch should not be stored on a shelf, but preferably in a box: if you do not have the original box, you can get a lined watch box with cushions inside.

Other tips for maintaining your wooden watch

1. Danger of cosmetics

Perfumes, creams, lotions, sunscreens, etc. can cause wood to lose its colour, so it is best to avoid excessive use of such cosmetics when wearing such watches.

2. Polishing them

To revive the shine of your watch, you can polish it with natural beeswax or, alternatively, with coconut, walnut or almond oil.

3. Wear it often

Many people tend to wear their wooden watch only on special occasions to reduce the risk of wear and tear. On the contrary, it is advisable to wear this accessory as often as possible to keep it beautiful: the natural oils in our body act as a lubricant for the wood, keeping it well hydrated.